Avoid Expired Domains – Facts You Should Know

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a crucial growth strategy for marketing your business, be it creating an authoritative blog or improving your website. One of the strategies you can employ in SEO is purchasing expired domain names that have high traffic volume and existing links. With the aim of converting this traffic into readers and clients, your plan would be to divert the traffic as well as the links to your website. However, an expired domain for sale can cause more harm than good to your website and your business. Here are three facts you should know about expired domains before you consider forking out cash to buy cheap domain that have expired.

Expired domains have questionable past

When buying domain names that have expired, you run the risk of inheriting a domain name that has attracted penalties from search engines, such as Google. Such penalties are often the result of black hat SEO tactics by the previous owner of the domain name. Some of these penalties may be severe, including permanent blacklisting of the domain name from Google Index. Of course, this would cost you a lot of money and time since no one would be unable to access this expired domain name on Google. Read  more Business Discount domains

High traffic volumes may not equal good traffic

The high volumes of web traffic may be deceptive to your eyes when looking to buy discount domains that have expired. If you do not verify the credibility of the traffic, you may fall victim to a churn and burn website, which is an expired domain for sale with deceptive traffic volumes. The inflated website traffic tricks the buyer into thinking that these are premium domains judging by the high number of people visiting them. However, most of this traffic consists of spam, including automated scripts, crawlers and bots.

Bidding for domain names is time-wasting and costly

If you decide to purchase a particular expired domain for sale, you should arm yourself efficiently for an intense bidding war that may last for up to two months. Even then, there is no guarantee that you will acquire the domain from the domains registrar because the previous owner may eventually renew it. The bidding war may also cost you a lot of money in which you may end up paying above the market value of the premium domains. Rather than grapple with many people of purchasing available domains, it makes better sense to register your own new domain name.

Expired domain names may cause copyright problems

You risk incurring a huge penalty if you purchase an expired domain for sale that the previous owner had copyrighted or trademarked. Chances of a lawsuit against you are higher if these premium domains, which you have bought, belong to a big firm. Furthermore, some available domains for sale may have been previously involved in auto-blogging in contravention of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act of 1998. This federal law imposes high penalties for online copyright infringement. These penalties will fall on you