7 Ways to Stay Highly Motivated When You Are Self Employed

Whether you are a freelancer, self-employed, or just doing a remote internship, working from home can be extremely unrestricted. You get the benefit of working at your own pace and exercising total creative control. It sounds like a dream – that is, until you actually start getting things done.

A lot of times freelancers or people who work at home find themselves lacking motivation, and end up going off-track. The more you avoid distractions and stay focused, the more your work will flourish.

Here are a few motivation tips to stay motivated when self-employed:

1. Discipline yourself

Being in command of your schedule is the best part of self-employment. But if not taken seriously, it can also backfire. Therefore, you need to set a structured schedule and stick to it.

Waking up on time, having an efficient work schedule, bedtime routine and eating well helps you thrive both mentally and physically to tackle the workload. Outline all your meetings, personal alone time, and other activities ahead of the week itself so that you can pay more attention to the actual work.

2. Set up a workspace

Designate a corner or a small space at home to make for a workspace. A workspace is key to stay motivated when self- employed. Invest in a coffee French press, stationery holder, a planner and some inspirational art piece and keep them beside your laptop to encourage you and make you feel more like a professional.

3. Read encouraging quotes

An advisable thing to do when lacking motivation is to read a few encouraging quotes, Once you connect to the words said and written by successful personalities you’ll realise the only thing that restricts you is your own potential.

4. Motivational music and background noise

An incentive when you work at home is you can listen to the music of your choice. Classical music helps stay focused. You can even make your own motivational playlist to increase your productivity.

And, if music is distracting for you, you can download background noise apps to make you feel like you are at a cafe, or an actual office. The moderate sounds are clever way to increase productivity.

5. Give yourself a feedback

Feedback doesn’t only mean praise. It also means getting recognized for what you do. Getting constructive criticism helps you stay motivated when self-employed. Keep a daily tracker for measuring your own productivity, and ask yourself the following questions:

  • What did I do right today?
  • What did I do wrong today?
  • How do I improve my work?
  • How do I increase my productivity?

These questions seem uncomplicated and simple but they will help you get into an inspired mind-set once you figure out an answer.

6. Get out of the house

Give yourself a break and step away from your laptop and your home. You don’t want to feel burned out by the end of the day. Go out, grab lunch or coffee, Take your pet for a stroll.

Alternatively, you can find a nice cafe near your home that provides Wi-Fi. And, once or twice a week you could work from there for a few hours. This will be your go-to alternative work location when your home seems too monotonous or distracting.

7. Reward yourself

Self-employed need motivation, self-motivation needs recognition. Rewarding yourself for achieving a goal, from time to time, will re-enforce you to work harder.

Splurge on a great book if you were able to write more than usual, or treat yourself to a movie if you finished work before scheduled time. Do anything that makes you happy. With the rewarding tactic, you can always stay motivated when self-employed.

In conclusion

Being the single credit receiver makes self- employment worthwhile. Like anything else, putting in that extra effort will make you better at working from home. Follow these motivational tips and you’ll be productivity royalty in no time.

Free Hosting Providers and Banner Advertisements

There are two types of hosting; free web hosting and paid web hosting. It is obvious that as human beings, we easily get attracted by the attractive word “free”. However, when it comes to the free hosting, you need to pay attention to determine if there are any hidden charges or not. Besides this concern, how do you use free hosting?

There are a lot of companies that provide free web hosting but most of them end up adding ads and pop-ups on your website. These companies add advertising banners on your webpage so that they can make money from them, or allow customers to use their hosting services for a limited period of time, perhaps for only a year. In most cases, most of the free hosting providers that don’t demand banner positioning often have very weak servers. And at times, servers that fail to answer at all.

How do free hosting providers earn money without advertising on customers’ WebPages?

These companies earn their money at the expense of paid offers for customers. Often, the charges for paid services are not huge. Another way they earn money is through regular mailing of product or services ads to customers. In such a case the advertiser pays to the hosting provider. Read more Domains for Sale

How to use free hosting

When you sign up with a hosting company, at first they are just perfect. This is when they have great traffic, quick servers, etc. However, with time, all this becomes a thing of the past. As days go by, more people continue to sign up for the free hosting too and as a result, there’s increased pressure thus the company only focuses on new customers.  Click Free Domains

Therefore, if you’re looking for a free hosting provider due to lack of money, be sure to buy and register a domain name. A domain name costs between $8 – 20 annually. What you need to get is a CMS and free forwarding. With forwarding you can easily send visitors to any free hosting of your choice. If the servers of the hosting provider start to fail, you can simply make a website copy on another hosting provider and forward it from your primary domain name.


Afterward, you’re good to go using a free web hosting company without any ads banners on your web page. With this, you’ll have no annoying banners, no text links and no annoying pop-ups. Your website will be entirely free. Finding Expired Domains (curious information)


Free Domain List: the Best Providers

There are thousands of domain providers and resellers but not all of them offer the same quality of service. Your domain registrar is almost as important as your hosting provider so make sure you select the right one.

There are four key points to look for in a domain registrar:

  • Renewal rates: some providers offer domain registration at cheap rates but charge heavily for renewal. I recommend you to stay away from such providers because you end up paying much more over time.
  • View Business Discount domains
  • Settings dashboard: you should also check if the domain provider has a user-friendly dashboard to change domain related settings like DNS names and redirects. This dashboard is especially useful if you plan on purchasing domain name and hosting from different providers.
  • Technical support: with hosting websites comes an array of technical issues that might originate from your end or on the server side. To ensure you have a smooth operation make sure that the provider offers 24/7 technical support and that their support is competent.
  • Domain names should not be too expensive: if the registrar is charging a too much for the domain name it’s better to look somewhere else. If money is not a concern you can consider buying a premium domain to boost your visibility.

Based on these four factors, here are the best domain registrars in the industry:


Namecheap allows you to buy cheap domains while still providing excellent service and support. They have been around for a long time and provide best prices on domains. They also offer hosting service which is affordable and faster than most competitors.


GoDaddy provides the best deals for short term purchases. Their bulk purchase prices are the most competitive in the market. They are a well-known brand that has captured the market with their aggressive pricing. GoDaddy provides all the services you’d need to have your website up and running – Web Hosting, Email Hosting, SSL certificate etc.

Google Domains

Google is also a domain registrar and a pretty good one. The prices offered by Google are not the cheapest but the services bundle it provides is better than anything out there. With every domain registration, you get – custom email with G suite, customizable sub-domain, domain management tools, integration with amazing website builder, and world class support.


You can do a domain search with any of these registrars and find the available domains. If you are lucky you might get a discount domain especially if you buy during the holiday season. Besides these three there are a ton of good providers that I didn’t mention because the services they offer were redundant with the ones I mentioned. Free Hosting Providers and Banner Advertisements

Finding Expired Domains (curious information)

Imagine buying a domain with an existing targeted traffic, an awesome backline profile and other SEO metrics at the same price as a brand new domain. You would definitely have an unfair advantage over your competition. This is one of the benefits of using expired domains.

There are 4 types of expired domains; Pre-release, Closeout, Pending delete and Deleted Domains. With these sorts of domains, you can build a blog network, create 301 redirects to your site or use them to build sites, which you can sell at a profit.

While the rewards you stand to reap from expired domains are great, finding them requires a bit of work. Here are some tips to help you find expired domains. Click Hosting Website

Avoid domains in auctions

This may seem like the easiest way to find expired domains but finding cheap domains with certain metric features in an auction is very difficult. Strong domains attract brutal bidding wars. You may have to settle for a weak domain that will incur you additional expense and time adding the SEO metrics you desire.

Use scrapping tools and software

These tools make the process of finding good expired domains easier and faster. You can use them to easily filter and sort any of them to find the niche you want. Such tools include Xenu Link Sleuth, FreshDrop and Domain Hunter Gatherer. Learn about Hosting for Domains

Look into the history of the domain

Before getting gung-ho about buying an expired domain, you will do well to check into the domains history and find out why it is available for purchase in the first place. You might end up buying a domain that had adult content or one that has been penalized or banned by search engines especially Google and rehabilitating such as domain back to good SEO health might cost you a lot of time and money. SEOMasterig.com and iWebTool.com are great tools for verifying domains history.

Check the domain authority, page authority, Google page rank, Age, Citation flow, Trust flow and backlinks

These are the metrics to determine if an expired domain is in good SEO health. All these metrics are interrelated so you have to find a domain that ranks highly on all of them. For example, if you buy a domain with strong Google page ranking but poor page or domain authority and questionable backlinks, it will not stand the test of time. Free Domain List: the Best Providers


A good expired domain should be at least 2 years old, popular, trustworthy, have high page and domain authority, rank highly on Google and have links to genuine high quality websit.