Free Hosting Providers and Banner Advertisements

There are two types of hosting; free web hosting and paid web hosting. It is obvious that as human beings, we easily get attracted by the attractive word “free”. However, when it comes to the free hosting, you need to pay attention to determine if there are any hidden charges or not. Besides this concern, how do you use free hosting?

There are a lot of companies that provide free web hosting but most of them end up adding ads and pop-ups on your website. These companies add advertising banners on your webpage so that they can make money from them, or allow customers to use their hosting services for a limited period of time, perhaps for only a year. In most cases, most of the free hosting providers that don’t demand banner positioning often have very weak servers. And at times, servers that fail to answer at all.

How do free hosting providers earn money without advertising on customers’ WebPages?

These companies earn their money at the expense of paid offers for customers. Often, the charges for paid services are not huge. Another way they earn money is through regular mailing of product or services ads to customers. In such a case the advertiser pays to the hosting provider. Read more Domains for Sale

How to use free hosting

When you sign up with a hosting company, at first they are just perfect. This is when they have great traffic, quick servers, etc. However, with time, all this becomes a thing of the past. As days go by, more people continue to sign up for the free hosting too and as a result, there’s increased pressure thus the company only focuses on new customers.  Click Free Domains

Therefore, if you’re looking for a free hosting provider due to lack of money, be sure to buy and register a domain name. A domain name costs between $8 – 20 annually. What you need to get is a CMS and free forwarding. With forwarding you can easily send visitors to any free hosting of your choice. If the servers of the hosting provider start to fail, you can simply make a website copy on another hosting provider and forward it from your primary domain name.


Afterward, you’re good to go using a free web hosting company without any ads banners on your web page. With this, you’ll have no annoying banners, no text links and no annoying pop-ups. Your website will be entirely free. Finding Expired Domains (curious information)


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